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Blended Learning Platforms

Australian Institute of Creative Design has multiple platforms available to access various courses and their online components. Depending on the course you are doing, you may have to create usernames and passwords for different platforms so be sure to keep this information in a safe place.

As the new platforms become available this webpage will be updated to provide information on how to access the various platforms.

Available Platforms

Student CP Portal

The Student CP Portal is for blended learning material as well as short courses. Course posted into this platform can be self directed to be done parallel to the face to face content, or blended where the online materials provide additional context to the face to face materials.

Blended Learning Materials are required to be completed before final grades can be allocated.

Accessing Student CP Portal

To access the Student CP Portal visit

STEP 1. Creating a Login

The very first thing you will need to do is create a login. To do this please click [HERE] to open the Student CP Portal up, and at the top of the page, click the LOGIN button

In the LOGIN Page, you will need to click CREATE AN ACCOUNT to create your login

STEP 2. Accessing your course with a Password

So you should have created a login by this step, and now you want to access your course.

Password access is one method of enrolling into a course, and your teacher should have provided you with a password and the name of the course you are enrolling into. If you are opening the course for the first time, you will see a field for Password Access, and type the password provided by your teacher. This will enrol you automatically into the course and you can begin.

Please ensure you access the course as soon as possible to enrol as the password access will change periodically

Problems with the Content or technical issues

If you have any content related issues eg. understanding the content, queries about the excercises, please content your teacher to discuss.

If you have any technical problems eg. creating your login not working, or course materials not displaying properly please email and one of the IT staff will contact you to assist you with your issue.


Click the below links to access courses. Note passwords may be required for access and your teacher will supply these

Diploma of Visual Arts

CUA51115 - Industry Essentials 1

Upcoming Courses

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