VET in Schools Courses

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Students in years 11 and 12 of high school are able to complete a VET in Schools (Vocational Education and Training) course that can contribute credit points towards their QCE (Queensland Certificate of Education). This allows students in high school to explore a career path that they are interested in and may allow students to receive credit towards a Diploma or other higher level qualification after graduation.

To be eligible for the QCE student's must achieve at least 20 credits of learning. Generally, a Certificate II qualification allows student's to obtain 4 credits and a Certificate III qualification allows students to obtain 8 credits towards their QCE.

These courses generally run for 1 day per week on Fridays or Mondays, allowing students to come out of school to complete the qualification.

The following qualifications are suitable for VET in Schools:

Students who are interested in taking up one of the above VET in Schools courses should contact us for the enrolment information and speak to their school's Careers Advisor.