Online Course: Special Effects Makeup!

Do the Zombie!

Ready to get hands on with the living dead?

15 video tutorials will guide you through the essential steps to a professional Zombie finish.

Only $150.00!

From aging, drying and flaking the skin to creating veins, gaping wounds, filthy hands, knuckle grazes and zombie teeth - you’ll benefit from Nathan's expert on-set experience.

The online course will include:

  • Creating a Zombie.
  • learning SFX makeup skills.
  • Take your skills to other film and theatre projects.
  • learn how hospital dramas, emergency scenes, disaster movies and war stories make grusome effects

What You Will Receive:

We have developed this Online Course so that it is suitable for visual learners, and is an essential guide demonstrating How to to use Special Effects Make-Up to create a terrifying zombie look - the content and excercises combined create the perfect balance of learning and practice to ensure these techniques are quickly put into practice

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  • Immediate access to the course once payment is processed


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