Financial Assistance Options

Paying up front is the most convenient way to ensure you get competitive pricing for your education but if you can't pay up front, there are plenty of options!

Payment Plans:

Did you know that we offer payment plans for most of our courses? This enables you to divide the course fees up into regular weekly payments over the duration of your course. Ask our administraiton team to calculate out what the weekly payments for your chosen course are.

Study Loans

Study Loans is Australia’s first dedicated private student loan provider. They offer highly competitive rates, allowing you to borrow all or part of the cost through a responsible funding method. You simply pay-as-you-go with simple terms & conditions. Take a look at their dedicated courses page about us to choose what you want to study with the help of Study Loans funding!

VET Student Loans:

VET Student Loans are now available for specific courses to assist with payment of the course fees. This is a loan from the Commonwealth government and is only available for eligible students to specific dollar amounts. Click here for more information about VET Student Loans.

Other Loan Options:

Student or personal loans from some of the larger financial institutions may save you lots of money in the long run.

We like:

Commonwealth Bank Student Options
Enably Student Loans
NAB Personal Loan Options (NAB won the 2016 Australian Lending Awards)
St. George Personal Loan Options
Westpac Personal Loan Options

Check them out! It is important to consider your options carefully as they relate to your personal circumstances. This is for general information only and the Australian Institute of Creative Design cannot give financial advice.

Financial Assistance

Don't forget, eligible students can also apply to Centrelink for either Youth Allowance (for full-time students aged 16 to 24) or Austudy (for full-time students aged 25 years or over). For more information visit the Centrelink website.